Pro Bono

India    NPTEL – Free Online Engineering courses for all

(Coordinating & Conducting Awareness Building Workshops)
NPTEL is a massive effort by the Government of India to produce video and web-based courses (Engineering and Basic sciences) and make them available for free. Professors from 7 IIT’s and IISc are working on this effort.  While volunteering for NPTEL, I helped design and coordinate and conduct 4 workshops targeted at Engineering faculty members. The hope was that if they become aware of what is out there, their students will soon start to benefit.
At IIT Madras, I taped a 1 hour lecture on Operations Research in a local language – Hindi – aimed at Engineering college students who struggle with understanding English.

USA     Autism Resource Library in VBA

(Application Development)
I wrote an Excel and VBA-based library with full features (catalog, check-in, check out, search, and patron history) for the Clearbrook Resource center in Arlington Heights, Chicago, IL. I used the online public libraries as my reference model. I did this effort on a purely voluntary basis. In the process, they got an easy to use program, and I got to hone my VBA/Excel skills

Wikipedia Edits

I am an occasional Wikipedia editor. I edit pages not because I know a lot about that topic, but because I find so much when I research (on the Web.) Here are my Wikipedia Editing stats.

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