Learning Chess

Links to Learn Chess
The following links are intended for parents who want to teach chess to their kids. They start from the very basic and the ideas get progressively more complicated.
The Minimum A Child Needs to Know to Play Chess

  1. How to set up the pieces and the board
  2. How the different pieces move
  3. What is the object of the game
Learning How The Pieces Move

Sites to Practice making moves

  • Kidschess.com: This site has lots of little puzzles, and quizzes for kids to get better. (Try the Knight Tour game)
Practicing Endgames

  • This site has great Endgame simulations. Once your child has learned a few of these endgames, they will be able to beat 70% or more of their opponents. They will know what to play for, and how to finish off a game. Forget the very complicated endgames, just teach them the simple ones.
Good set of chess videos


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