My Papers & Presentations

Here are some of my presentations and a few technical papers that I have (co)authored.

My Presentations


  • My presentation at the 2001 AGIFORS (Ops Group) in Ocho Rios explores the question of can there ever be just one model/application for all of Ops – a Unified theory of Ops Control, if you will. It lays out the building blocks for such a system.
    • Is there ultimately only one application needed for improving airline reliability? Narasimhan, R. 2001.  (United Airlines), AGIFORS (Airline Group of the International Federation of  Operational Research Societies) Airline Operations Conference, Ocho Rios.


Refereed Papers

  • A Proactive Crew Recovery Decision Support Tool for Commercial Airlines During Irregular Operations, Ahmed Abdelghany,  Goutham Ekollu, Ram Narasimhan, Khaled Abdelghany,  Annals of Operations ResearchMarch 2004Volume 127Issue 1-4pp 309-331 (Link to Paper)


  • An Efficient Airline Re-Fleeting Model for the Incremental Modification of Planned Fleet Assignments (Download Paper)
    • Transportation Science, INFORMS Vol. 34, No. 4, November 2000


  • Routing Automated Guided Vehicles in the Presence of Interruptions,” R. Narasimhan, R. Batta and M.H. Karwan, International Journal of Production Research, 37, 3, (1999) 653-681.


  • “Conflict-Free Routing and Scheduling of  Automated Guided Vehicles.” Ph.D Thesis, submitted Jan 1996, SUNY Buffalo, Department of Industrial Engineering

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