Areas of Work

Operations Research

By training and education I am an Operations Researcher. By practice, I am drawn to Applied OR.

Within OR, I am drawn to problems in the logistics domain. These are problems that involve vehicle routing, job-scheduling, capacity planning, maintenance shop-visit assignments and manpower planning & assignment models.  Airlines lend themselves really well to OR models, and while at United Airlines I got the opportunity to work on a number of problems especially in the Airline Scheduling and Airline Operations domains. As a consultant, I worked on rail and trucking domains, for similar problems.

OR for Puzzles: I am very intrigued by the idea of using OR (formulating models as well as solving them) for math and logic puzzles. This is the area I think of as “recreational OR” and I have been exploring this on and off for years.

Data Analytics
I started and ran a Data Analytics group at United Airlines for a couple of years. This was a direct result of seeing the sheer volume of data that was being collected, and how little of it was being used in decision-making. For us, Data Analytics included certain BI reports, as well quite a number of hypothesis testing, which we used the available data to answer. This area, the idea of squeezing insights from sets of data continues to fascinate me.

Commercial Aviation

For over 12 years, I worked for United Airlines. I started in the R&D group, and worked on several IT departments developing applications for our internal users. A good number of years were spent in working on real-time “day of operations” irregular operations problems. (Things always go wrong when you have 500 aircraft and 10,000 pilots and flight attendants to manage.) I worked on a number of Airport systems. Overall, I was interested in any problem where quantitative efficiency improvement was possible. I have presented some of our work in a few AGIFORS conferences.


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